Dear Members and Guests of KCITE

2016 is well underway and we have had a fantastic start!

The leadership has changed but the mission is the same; continue to provide educational venues that net you 15 PDHs per year and allow you to further develop your professional relationships!

We are thankful to have a full slate of volunteers for the training and arrangements committees - that said, if you ever have an idea for a training or meeting topic, please let the appropriate committee or a board member know.

We are always looking for new members and welcome you to invite new prospects to join or inactive members to join you at a meeting.  We welcome anyone interested in learning about local transportation.

One goal for 2016 is to improve the KCITE website so members can utilize it as a local resource.  We have already began offering local classified postings and with the help of a new webmaster, you will see additional improvements in the future.  

See you at the next meeting!

Kendra Miller, KCITE President


Upcoming Meetings & Trainings

December 19, 2016

KCITE Training "Hands On Traffic Signals 101"

Work with real traffic signal controllers and see what happens. Seating is limited to 26 participants.

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